A Wedding Day

T-minus 2 hours.

The ride

It’s my day!

To get the full value of joy
You must have someone to divide it with.
— Mark Twain

“Am I doing this right?”

Desi orchestra

Sealing the deal

The bride.

Aw yeah!

Tired? Nah, faking it!


9 responses to “A Wedding Day

  1. Nice expressions captured! I like the first image and the orchestra photo the best. Looking forward to see more images. Try being consistent in the usage of presets / color schemes. Like the blog too :)

  2. These are good! I agree with what Priya has to say about presets, but I know it can be tempting to use so many different variations. And hard to NOT use so many variations because of the difference in exposures, etc in various photographs. Its a fine balance, which I have not yet learnt, to be frank. But love everything here. You make wedding photographs look easy.

    • Thanks!

      You make wedding photographs look easy.

      Haha, I was a first cousin on the groom’s side so I could actually shoot them both in the face. ;) This happened in Delhi by the way, so you can tell how we had to stay awake till 5am.

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